Hand Carved Double Axe Wooden Wall Decor Item

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  • The antique double axe wooden artifact can easily be hanged on a nail. A traditional style hand carving adds to its grace.
  • This double axe wooden wall decor item is most interesting object of strength amongst most fascinating range of Handicrafts.


Very Intricate carving… Rare One. Wooden hand crafted wall décor item with Floral Designs. Excellent workmanship, Nail it on your walls this Double Axe home decor item will impart an ambiance of valor and bravery. if you want your home spaces to feel special and unique, this gift item will give an authentic luxury look to your home décor plan.

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A well appreciated masterpiece for your interiors, it’s suitable for your patio front, balcony guest rooms, luxury banquet halls, restaurants or your living room. This simply is the best home décor item that will add a traditional luxury feel to your home or commercial space.
Inspired by Chivalry and bravery, this Rare Wooden Wall double Axe wooden replica is ideal for any Home/Resort Décor project.

Buy this unique hand crafted Wooden double axe home decor item to dazzle and delight someone special!

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