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At we protect your credit card information and privacy by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates (the industry standard security protocol), hosting our site on secure servers.

When you enter any personal information, such as your credit card number while making a purchase, we use SSL data encryption to ensure that no one can read as it is transmitted over the Internet. We use Cookies (small encrypted data files containing references to user ID information that are stored on our secure server and may write to your hard drive) to keep track of your shopping cart. Your information is safely stored behind a firewall that protects it from users from other networks.

Our bank accounts

USD Bank Details for ACH Transfers

Fairways Trading Co.

Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600001661837679

Account type: Checking

Euro Bank Details

Fairways Trading Co.

Account number: BE82 9670 3311 6368


GBP Bank Details

Fairways Trading Co

Sort code: 23-14-70

Account number: 48156351

IBAN: GB80 TRWI 2314 7048 1563 51

Australian Dollar Bank Details

Fairways Trading Co.

BSB code: 802-985

Account number: 310780255

We also accept payments through Bank transfers in Euro, USD, GBP, AUD and in many currencies using TransferWise. Please contact us if you’ve any issue regarding funds transfers to our different bank accounts.

Your Personal Information

The personal information includes your email address, home address, credit card information, telephone numbers and correspondence whether through regular or electronic mails is kept confidential. We never disclose your personal information to any companies to perform any functions for us under confidentiality agreements. However, shipping information is only provided to our reliable partner courier companies such as DHL, FedEx and UPS for delivery purposes only. does not rent, sell or otherwise forward your name or other personal information to other companies.

Customer Service

For questions and comments about our payment policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]



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